Dr. Ben-Aharon with the late Christine Ballivet

…is what makes everything into event; it makes everything new

“What is the Spiritual Event of our time?- expressed simply, it is an encounter with vibrant, quickening, Life, as an ever-occurring invitation to join the stream of becoming, creativity and invention in each moment. The Christ event ceaselessly reminds us of our potentials and the world’s potentials, and of the possibility, in each moment, to choose to wake up, actualize them, and become more human. It’s the true potential of present and future community, to what extent people can draw closer together today- if they choose to do so out of their freedom- and to what extent they can enhance their individual and group creativity in doing so”.

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    Spiritual Science in the 21st Century: Transforming Evil, Meeting the Other, Awakening to the Global Initiation of Humanity

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    The Creative Experience of Destiny in Modern Times

    Spiritual Science in the 21st Century: Transforming evil, meeting the other, and awakening to the global initiation of humanity

    From lecture 9: [...]

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2014 Lectures and Workshops with Dr Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

The Two Pillars of Anthroposophical Spiritual Activity

Meditation and the New Michaelic Creative Activity   The path of meditation, described by Rudolf Steiner in his basic books, leads the soul to experience its eternal spiritual origins in order to be able to incarnate and embody the whole human being in the physical world. On the other hand, in order to meet the needs of our modern, active daily life, Steiner introduced the practice of what he called "the new Michaelic Yoga", as a new spiritual activity adapted to creative engagement and involvement in the modern social and cultural life. These are the two pillars of a fully modern Anthroposophical spiritual development. In his lectures and workshops Yeshayahu will describe his experiences and research of the path of meditation and the new yoga, and will offer practical exercises and advice to help the participants individualise and intensify their Anthroposophical spiritual development and activity.
School for Spiritual Science
The aim of the Global School is to develop and implement methods to understand, experience, and apply the new creative forces that stream from the real Spiritual Event and impulse of our time. It operates in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, UK and Israel. Its participants are people actively engaged in contemporary social life, actively working to apply the forces of the spiritual event of our time in their daily life. Lectures October-November 2014: Holland, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Swiss, US Holland, Amsterdam, October 3-5, 2014 The Spiritual Event in the present time, the current impulse of creative love as a source of social ideas. Contact: renee.vangennip@gmail.com   Romania, Bucharest, October  9-12, 2014 THE GOLD OF ROMANIA an esoteric study of Romania’s potential life forces in present times and future Location: Casa Rudolf Steiner, Str. Visinilor, No.17, Bucharest (ROMANIA) For more details: www.antroposofie.ro Contacts: +40 722 350 036   Germany, Söcking, October 16-19, 2014 Annual German Global School Conference Contact: carol.bergin@gmx.net   Sweden, Gothenburg, October  23-26, 2014 Annual Swedish Global School Conference Contact: hesterrenouf@telia.com   Swiss, Bern, 31 October- 2 November, 2014 Das Ereignis – Das Wirken des Christus im Ätherischen in der Gegenwart Anthroposophische Gesellschaft in der Schweiz Johannes-Zweig Bern Contact: Fritz Burr, Chutzenstrasse 42, 3007 Bern
Tel: 031 536 15 18 Mail: fritz.burr@hispeed.ch; Claudia Lüthi, Gryphenhübeliweg 38, 3006 Bern   US, Saratoga Springs, NY, November 21-24, 2014 Annual North American Global School Conference Contact: scottehicks@gmail.com