Dr. Ben-Aharon with the late Christine Ballivet

…is what makes everything into event; it makes everything new

“What is the Spiritual Event of our time?- expressed simply, it is an encounter with vibrant, quickening, Life, as an ever-occurring invitation to join the stream of becoming, creativity and invention in each moment. The Christ event ceaselessly reminds us of our potentials and the world’s potentials, and of the possibility, in each moment, to choose to wake up, actualize them, and become more human. It’s the true potential of present and future community, to what extent people can draw closer together today- if they choose to do so out of their freedom- and to what extent they can enhance their individual and group creativity in doing so”.

Latest Articles:

  • The Beast and the Reversal: The Cucumber Law - The Beast and the Reversal: The Cucumber Law

    Spiritual Science in the 21st Century

    Lecture 7 (Gothenburg, Sweden, 2009)

    Would you consciously Reverse the unconscious Reversal?

    The laws of individuation [...]

  • Christ’s Appearance Between ‘I’ and Thou II - The New Experience of the Supersensible
    The Anthroposophical Knowledge Drama of our Time

    From Chapter 7
    Christ’s Appearance Between ‘I’ and Thou

    “At the heart of the mutually [...]

  • Anthroposophy is not given: You must create in anew each tim - Anthroposophy is not given: You must create in anew each time

    from my answers to Mark Frear’s comments on my FB post (October 27th) :

    “…thanks (Mark) for your kind [...]

  • Christ’s Appearance Between ‘I’ and Thou - The New Experience of the Supersensible

     From Chapter 7

    Christ’s Appearance Between ‘I’ and Thou

    To transform social life into Christ-permeated daily reality: this is the most serious responsibility that human [...]

  • The Romanian Dimension Of Existence - The Romanian Dimension Of Existence, 1943

    by Mircea Vulcănescu (1904-1952)


    “The second feature of this world, related to the first, is the one which we could find once at [...]

Lectures and Workshops 2014: Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, US
Holland, Amsterdam, October 3-5, 2014
The Spiritual Event in the present time the current impulse of creative love as a source of social ideas
Contact: renee.vangennip@gmail.com
Romania, Bucharest, October  9-12, 2014
an esoteric study of Romania’s potential life forces in present times and future
Location: Casa Rudolf Steiner, Str. Visinilor, No.17, Bucharest (ROMANIA)
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Germany, Söcking, October 16-19, 2014
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Sweden, Gothenburg, October  23-26, 2014
Annual Swedish Global School Conference more
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Swiss, Bern, 31 October- 2 November, 2014
Das Ereignis – Das Wirken des Christus im Ätherischen in der Gegenwart
Anthroposophische Gesellschaft in der Schweiz Johannes-Zweig Bern
Contact: Fritz Burr, Chutzenstrasse 42, 3007 Bern
, Tel: 031 536 15 18, Mail: fritz.burr@hispeed.ch; Claudia Lüthi, Gryphenhübeliweg 38, 3006 Bern
US, Saratoga Springs, NY, November 20-23, 2014
Annual North American Global School Conference more
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